Dos and Don'ts: Week of Wedding Prep

It's the week before your wedding and the countdown is on! No matter how big or small your wedding is, there are certain things you do and don't want to have on your list leading up to your special day! Here are some handy little reminders to help you wrap up all the loose ends in advance-so you can kick back, relax, and soak in every moment of the big day:

What To Do During Wedding Week:

Coordinate with Your Wedding Party: To ensure seamless coordination, furnish your wedding party with a detailed timeline of events. Consolidate all pertinent information-rehearsal times, preparation locations, photo sessions, etc.-into a single slide easily accessible on their smartphones. By having them screenshot the schedule and add it to their Favorites, you guarantee they'll have quick access to the necessary details.

  1. Allocate Time Off: If feasible, take the entire week leading up to your wedding off from work. Alternatively, ensure you have at least two days off before the rehearsal and dinner. For a Saturday wedding, this typically entails taking off Wednesday and Thursday, in addition to Friday.
  2. Finalize Seating Arrangements: Confirm your final guest count well in advance, but be prepared for last-minute seating requests from family members in the days leading up to the wedding. Use this time to accommodate any adjustments to the seating chart.
  3. Organize Escort Cards Alphabetically: Streamline the guest seating process by arranging escort cards in alphabetical order based on guests' last names, according to your finalized seating chart.
  4. Complete Financial Obligations: Ensure all vendor payments are settled ahead of time to alleviate financial discussions on your wedding day or during your honeymoon.
  5. Prepare and Distribute Welcome Bags: As guests begin to arrive, have welcome bags prepared and delivered to their respective rooms a couple of days before the festivities commence.
  6. Arrange Gratuity Envelopes: Prepare gratuity envelopes with cash for vendors, expressing gratitude in accompanying cards. Clearly indicate any specific instructions for disbursement.
  7. Prioritize Self-Care: Take advantage of the final week to indulge in self-care rituals such as manicures, pedicures or activities that promote relaxation and rejuvenation. (You may want to skip the facials though in case you have a reaction.)
  8. Secure Your Marriage License: If marrying outside your local area, allow ample time to obtain your marriage license, adhering to varying state requirements. For local weddings, obtain the license approximately a month in advance.
  9. Implement Rain Plans: Review contracts and finalize contingency plans, particularly for outdoor weddings, ensuring adequate preparation for potential weather changes.
  10. Pack for Your Honeymoon: Pack essential items for both your wedding weekend and honeymoon, organized into separate suitcases for ease of access and travel.

What Not to Do During Wedding Week:

Avoid New Skincare Treatments: Refrain from experimenting with new skincare treatments, such as chemical peels or fillers, within two months of your wedding day to prevent adverse reactions.

  1. Schedule Haircuts Wisely: Book your final haircut for medium-to-long hair three to four weeks before the wedding to eliminate split ends while allowing ample time to adjust to your desired look.
  2. Practice, Don't Write, Your Vows: While the week before your wedding isn't the time to craft new vows, it is ideal for practicing them to ensure confidence and eloquence on the day.
  3. Refrain from Unnecessary Changes: Resist the urge to make last-minute alterations to floral arrangements, signage, or venue layouts. Instead, focus on savoring the moments leading up to your special day without unnecessary stress or distractions.
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