Wedding Head Tables Inspiration and Ideas

There might be a lot of options for guest seating at your wedding, but there's almost just as many for the bride and groom. Choosing between a sweetheart table, a head table, and a king's table can be difficult, and then there are so many things you can do to decorate and make them unique to you! Whether you want a sweetheart table that's the perfect table for two, a head table to make your bridal party feel special, or a King's table to feel the love of those closest to you, we've got ideas for you! Continue reading to check out some of our favorite wedding head table inspiration and ideas!

Sweetheart Table

Sweetheart tables are the perfect table for two! It allows you some private moments with your new spouse in the midst of a beautiful, but busy day. And the options for décor are endless! Between flowers and candles, exposed or linen tables, semi-circle or long tables, and endless seating options, sweetheart tables allow couples to truly feel like the center of attention at their reception if they didn't already!

Head Table

Want to make your bridal party feel extra special? Then maybe a head table is the perfect option for you. Invite your bridal party to sit with you and your spouse so they get to celebrate close to you. This also makes toasts and speeches a lot easier since everyone is at the same table.


King's Table

Feel the love of your bridal party and family by choosing a King's Table. While a King's Table might be the largest option for a head table, you'll be able to sit with all of the people closest to you and will rarely have a lull in conversation.

Bonus: Chairs

There can't be seating without chairs! Customize the seating for the bride and groom by using comfy chairs or a love seat, decorating them with sashes or flowers, or adding cute signage that perfectly describe the couple! Check out some of our favorite seating options for the bride and groom that makes them feel even more special!

If you have any questions about our wedding head table inspiration, contact us today at Hello Productions. We are happy to help make your wedding day special!