Wedding Chair Decoration Styles

Often the chairs at the wedding are an afterthought, especially if you're trying to stick to a budget. However, there are all types of wedding chair decoration for all types of budgets and styles.

Keep in the mind the length of your ceremony when you pick ceremony seating. Cute wicker ottomans may look great in pictures, but if you have a long ceremony, your guests may appreciate a more comfortable seating choice. If you're planning an outdoor wedding, keep in mind that dew or moisture may make cushions or pillows feel damp and a plain chair or bench might be a better choice.

We love the idea of having unusual seating, but make sure you have a plan for who is delivering, setting up and taking down the chairs. If you're renting from a company, find out the specifics on what is included and if you need to have additional help for set up. If you're borrowing or gathering the seating from family and friends, make sure you have a plan for all aspects of the set up.

Wedding Chair Decoration

For any decorations for the chairs, make as much as you can ahead of time. If you're tying sashes on each chair, ask the venue if this is something you can do the day before. Otherwise, you'll need to designate someone (or a few people) to help with this the day of.

While you have a lot of aspects to design for your ceremony and reception, chair decoration isn't necessary, but can be a really pretty addition to your special day.

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