The Late-Night Bite Food Truck! - Cater Your Wedding Reception

A wedding day can be quite tiresome for your guests. After a whole day filled with bubbly conversation, shuttle services, amazing dance moves, and of course love, your guests may need a delicious 'pick-me-up'… We introduce: The Late-Night Bite Food Truck!

In the later portion of your reception, consider booking a late-night bite for your guests. Something to soak up your signature cocktail or even fill them up so they can stay on the dance floor! Late-night bites can vary from tacos to ice cream. Nothing says, 'don't stop the party' like comfort food!

We've curated a list of our favorite classic and creative late-night bite ideas for all your 'midnight' snacking needs:


Cater Your Wedding Reception

(Photo courtesy of Mexicalbi)

Mac & Cheese

Alison Mish Photogrpahy 1
Alison Mish Photography 2

(Photos courtesy of Alison Mish Photography)

Grilled Cheese

Cater Your Wedding Reception

(Photo courtesy of Zac Wolf Photography)

We also love when couples share their sweet tooth with their guests by bringing them some sweet treats!


Abby Jiu

(Photo courtesy of Abby Jiu)

Ice Cream

Cater Your Wedding Reception

(Photo courtesy of Vintage and Lace)

After all, your wedding guests come first. What better way to keep them happy than to keep them full! Schedule to cater your wdding Reception today!