Wedding Planning can be stressful. So many details to consider. So many options in each category. So many little things to remember, communicate, finalize and execute. It's fun being a bride… It's even more fun to have a team dedicated to creating your perfect day! That's why we recommend hiring a wedding planner! Check out these top 10 reasons to hire a wedding planner!

1. Wedding Planners are Experts

No matter if you're expecting 50 or 300 guests, wedding planning requires a lot more time and energy than some people expect. Wedding planners have done plenty of weddings and know what it takes to put on a fantastic, once-in-a-lifetime event. They'll help you by playing the role of designer, legal counsel, budget manager, on site coordinator, and more in order to make your day the best it can be. Plus, they have all the resources you could possibly need!

2. Wedding Planners Can Help Your Budget

Budgeting for a wedding can be tricky. How much should you spend in each category? Where should you splurge vs save? What's the right amount to budget for flowers in your area? How about a wedding cake? Do you get a band or a DJ? Can you afford the little pinterest touches you love! Wedding planners know the answers to these questions! They can break down your total number and get you the most WOW for your buck.

3. Weddings Planners will Create and Maintain a Cohesive Wedding Vision

In addition to helping with your budget, wedding planners also focus on creating the vision for your big day. Most vendors will have more than one wedding per weekend, which splits their focus, but wedding planners focus on your special day and will make sure that every detail is exactly how you imagined.

4. Wedding Planners (Help) Keep Things Stress Free

Like we mentioned earlier, wedding planning is stressful. Working with a wedding planner not only relieves stress on the couple, but also for vendors. From a vendor's perspective, wedding planners keep things more streamlined and stress-free. And for the bride and groom, those last-minute details are taken care of by your planner. For every one email you may have with your planner, he/she might have 5 conversations with vendors behind the scenes. They do this for a living, they know what needs to be done and won't let you forget those last-minute to-dos.

5. Wedding Planners Can Help Get You Vendor Discounts

This doesn't happen for everyone, but sometimes your wedding planner can help you get vendor discounts that you wouldn't have gotten otherwise. Because planners do this for a living, they use these vendors often and they bring them lots of business. For that reason, vendors are more likely to do what they can to please wedding planners because they know they'll bring them more clients in the future.

6. Wedding Planners Can Handle Ceremony-to-Reception Flipping

No bride wants to worry about whether or not their reception is being set up correctly during cocktail hour if there's a flip from the ceremony set-up to the reception. Having a wedding planner, or day of coordinator, relieves stress in that process knowing that they are taking care of all the details of the flip. They will work with the catering staff and florist to seamlessly transform the space in under an hour! Go have a cocktail and enjoy your friends!

7. Wedding Planners Coordinate the Flow of the Day

Wedding planners manage a lot of aesthetic details, but a key bonus is they are logistical superheroes! While some venues might have in-house coordinators, their focus is the venue, food, staff, and back of the house. Your wedding planner is your partner in crime for creating a start to finish wedding experience - from mimosas during hair and makeup all the way to your last dance! They will assist with room service, transportation between venues, guest experience, sparkler send offs, and so on.

8. Wedding Planners Will Help You with Your Needs

You might need help with the smaller details. A wedding planner is your go to. They know about all the little details that make your day pop - what to put in your guest welcome totes, the best napkin fold, what information to include in your ceremony program, how much 'signage' is too much, and so on.

9. Wedding Planners Will Execute

A great wedding planner will help develop your vision. An amazing wedding planner will execute that vision so you are ready for a magazine cover! The wedding planning team will check on each place setting, the favors, the florals, the car box, the bridesmaids… making sure it's photo ready.

10. Wedding Planners Can Help You Enjoy the Day

Overall, having a wedding planner helps you sit back, relax, and enjoy your big day. You won't have to worry about last minute details or changes, that's what your planner's for! They make your life easier and your wedding day smoother, so that when you look back on the big day, you'll remember those magical moments of happiness and joy.

If you have any questions about reasons to hire a wedding planner, contact us today at Hello Productions!