Name Change Checklist After Marriage

Whether you're kickin' it old school by taking your husband's last name, or going with a modern approach (hyphenating or making your maiden name your middle name), it's important to know how to officially change your name. Thankfully, we have some tips that will make the process of changing your name easier in our name change checklist for after your wedding!

Handling it on Your Own

You may have received your marriage license, but your new name isn't official until you follow these steps:

1. Apply for a new social security card. Visit the Social Security Administration's website and fill-out the SS-5 form. Once the form is completed, take (or mail) it to your local Social Security Administration office along with the necessary documents (birth certificate, current driver's license, current social security card and certified marriage license).

2. Tell your employer that you're changing your name to makes sure that taxes and social security deductions are credited properly.

3. Change your driver's license or state-issued ID by taking your old driver's license or ID, new Social Security card, certified marriage license and a check to your state's local Department of Motor Vehicles.

4. Tackle everything else. Now that you have a Social Security card and driver's license or ID in your married name, you can easily change your name elsewhere. Make sure to notify the following:

• Banks and Other Financial Institutions
• Payroll/Administrators
• Creditor and Debtors
• Insurance Companies
• Post Office
• Voter Registration Office
• Telephone and Utility Companies
• Doctors' Offices
• Passport Office
• Schools
• Landlord
• Investment Account Providers
• State Taxing Authority

Taking the Easy Approach

Overwhelmed by the name change process? Leave the headache behind by taking advantage of services that do the work for you.

1. is a great online service that makes changing your name a simple, three-step process that only takes 30 minutes. How does it work? You fill out a questionnaire, and then the service completes all of the documents for you. From there, you print out the completed documents and follow the detailed filing instruction sheet that's provided by the service. The complete package is $29.95.

2. The Name Change Kit (Available via The Knot Wedding Shop) is another stress-free option for tackling the name change process. The kit includes hard copies of legally recognized name change notification letters, tips and instructions, a checklist and software for Mac or PC that includes access to a database of fill-in notifications. This kit will run you $29.95.

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