How Many Tables for Your Wedding Do You Need?

When you are configuring your space for an event, you need to consider how many people are coming and how much space you have available. Knowing these two numbers will help you know how to set up the room, figure out how many tables for your wedding, and how many to seat at each table. Continue reading to learn about how many tables for your wedding you need.

Round tables

How Many Tables for Your Wedding

These typically come in four different sizes:
36" Round - Seats 4 people
48" Round - Seats 6-8 people
60" Round - Seats 8-10 people
72" Round - Seats 10-12 people

*Note that the lower number of people will be the most comfortable for your guests, but if you are working with limited space, the higher number will fit.

Rectangular (or Banquet) Tables

6' Banquet - Seats 6-8
8' Banquet - Seats 8-10

Cocktail Tables

30" or 32" Cocktail tables (typically 42ā€³ high)
*There isn't a formula for cocktail tables since every party is different - if you are having heavy appetizers, we recommend more tables, as guests will be looking for someplace to set their drinks down while they eat. If you are having passed appetizers and a short cocktail hour, you could easily get away with just a few throughout the space.

Head Tables

If you decide to do round head tables or have a table with seating on both sides, refer to the guide above. If you are doing a long, one-side head table, expect to need an 8' Banquet table for each four people. (For example, if you have 12 people at the head table you will need three 8' Banquet tables.)

Sweetheart Table

Sometimes, the bride and groom will have a table for the two of them, commonly referred to as a sweetheart table. This is typically a small round (36") table.

Cake Table

While this can be any size table, venues often provide or recommend a 48" round or half round to display the cake. If your cake is made up of multiple cakes or has corresponding cupcakes, you may want to secure a larger table to make sure you have enough room.

Dance Floor

Many venues will provide a dance floor and recommendations on how big it should be based on your guest list, but if you find yourself needing to contact a rental company for dance floor tiles, here are some tips.

How Many Tables for Your Wedding

Figure you will want 2-4 feet per guest. If you are expecting most guests to be on the dance floor, you may want to go for 3-4 feet of dance floor per person. If you have a group that likes to watch rather than dance, you can probably estimate 2-3 feet per guest.

For example, 20' x 20' dance floor should fit 150-200 guests comfortably.

DJ or Band Space

Don't forget to calculate space for the band or DJ! A DJ can typically set up in a 10' x 10' space; but a band will need more, especially if they are a larger band. Ask for the size of stage or space they will need ahead of time so you can include that in your layout.

Looking for someone to handle the layout of your space for you?Ā Give Hello Productions a call! We are happy to create a layout for your wedding or event and help you fit everything in! If you have any questions about how many tables for your wedding are necessary, contact us today!