House or Hotel for Wedding Guests

Perhaps you're planning and looking for rooms for your wedding guests. You may have asked yourself if you should reserve a house or hotel for wedding guests. While there isn't a wrong answer, one option may be more suitable for your specific group. Hotels often provide amenities that house rentals don't have, but you can often score more of a deal by renting a home.Location

Some locations have a variety of hotels, while others have more home rentals. Is the house located in town while the hotel is outside of town? Do an initial search to find your options for both.


If you're traveling for leisure, bringing sheets may not deter you with a house and the idea of a refrigerator and kitchen may be perfect for an extended stay. If you're traveling for a wedding, packing sheets and towels may be the last thing you want to worry about.


A quick stay makes sense for a hotel, but a house rental can be great for an extended stay with more gathering areas (porch, living room, kitchen, etc.). A bridal party that wants to have hair/makeup professionals onsite may want to reserve a house to have the room to get ready.


A hotel can bring value in the way of amenities and services, where a house can bring value in the way of space. With each type of accommodation, it's important to do your research to make sure you the space is right for you.

House or Hotel for Wedding Guests

Popular resources that may help in your search include: VRBOHome and TripAdvisor.

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