Cutting-Edge Wedding Decor Trend That's A Gem

WOW, Look at that Rock! (And No, Not the One on your Finger) Looking for something bold yet classic? Colorful yet simple? Natural yet elegant? This new trend is cutting-edge wedding decor - literally. Agates and geodes are specialty cut stones, sliced and shined to reveal their natural beauty. As it turns out, they fit right into weddings. Here are six ways to incorporate these glamorous gems into your wedding design.


Set the tone of your event with an agate inspired invitation! By establishing this bold style in the invitation, guests will be sure to remember this theme and take note of similar elements throughout the day.

Escort Cards and Table Numbers:

Grab your gold paint pen and welcome guests with a personalized agate favor! Table numbers can be inscribed on the front or back of these escort cards to indicate seating arrangements. Color coding is also an option - encourage guests to find their seats by matching their escort "rock" to the color of their table number!

Eating and Dining:

Agates can play as sweet accents when it comes to decorating dinnerware! Larger, circular stones can be used as charger plates while smaller cuts can accent napkin holders or just stand alone details.

Tasty Treats:

So the agates are NOT edible, but they make any dessert sparkle! The natural pop of color adds a beautiful touch to a simple frosted cake or cupcake.

Room Decor:

Desiring more drama? Hang agates from the ceiling for an "enchanted garden" look. Roll out an agate-inspired cloth as a textured table runner. Make a statement with an agate backdrop for an amazing and totally unique look!

Rings and Keepsakes:

These pieces truly are timeless. Pick your favorite colors and styles to feature your rings and other keepsakes. Not only can you use them in your wedding, but they can be taken home and used as interior decorations that will forever remind you of your special day!