Couples Baby Shower Ideas That Even The Guys Will Love

If you're looking to do something non-traditional for your baby shower, we suggest having a couple's shower. The dad-to-be gets to be involved in this special day and your guests will enjoy bringing their significant others. Keep some traditional aspects of the baby shower but don't be afraid to throw in a few twists. Here are some of our favorite couples' baby shower ideas.

Keep the Invites Unfussy

While images of expecting mothers and baby bottles are adorable, consider your guest list and remember that half will be males. We love these chalkboard-inspired couples baby shower invitations on

Couples' Baby Shower Ideas

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Keep the Games Laid-Back

Most guys might cringe at the thought of playing baby shower games, but here are a few that everyone (even the guys) will enjoy.

Couples' Baby Shower Ideas

Baby Picture Game - Ask guests to bring a baby picture of themselves to the party, and then have everyone guess who is who.

Guess the Baby Food - Blindfolded guests sample unlabeled baby food and try to guess the correct flavor.

Childhood Stories - Each guest writes down a funny story about their childhood and the expecting couple has to guess who belongs to each story.

Baby Gamble - Set up a betting board for the date/time and weight of the baby. Chart the weights down the Y axis of the graph (4oz increments from 6 to 11 lbs) and the times on the X axis (12hr increments for 5 days on either side of the due date). You wind up with a 20×20 grid. Each bet makes a guess on the date/weight. Sell 'squares' for $1 (like a Super Bowl grid) or give everyone two guesses (for free). The winner gets 1/2 the money and the other 1/2 goes toward a night out for the new parents.

Bottle Race - Fill baby bottles with the beverage of your choice (beer for the guys at a grown-ups' party). Give everyone a bottle and on the count of three they must suck the bottles dry as quickly as possible. The first person to down the contents of his or her bottle wins.

Keep the Food Yummy

Check out one of Hello Productions' past blogs for some fun food ideas:

Couples' Baby Shower Ideas

Keep the Favors Functional

While favors are not necessary, if you decide to give your guests something on their way out, pick something functional that everyone will enjoy. Some of our favorite ideas include: wine glasses (so each couple will take home a set), fun favored popcorn (The Pittsburgh Popcorn Company has all types of flavors that can be purchased at one of their locations or ordered online), a 6-pack of the couple's favorite beer with custom labels, or baby bottles filled with hot chocolate mix and marshmallows.

Couples' Baby Shower Ideas

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