Chinese Traditions in Wedding

Tradition is something that is celebrated across many stages of life and weddings are no exception. Stephanie and Yiyu embraced Yiyu's Chinese heritage by incorporating many traditional Chinese traditions in weddings.

Their wedding took place the weekend after Thanksgiving at Carnegie Music Hall. The bride and her bridesmaids got ready in beautiful robes; white for the bride and hunter green for each of the bridesmaids. They celebrated with a bottle of champagne while prepping for the big celebration.

The ceremony was held in the Hall of Sculptures. The bride walked down a candle lined aisle to her groom standing in front of the Hoopa decorated in fresh red and white roses and plenty of greenery. The ceremony was gorgeous with plenty of floral arrangements and an orchestra to set the romantic and intimate mood.

The bride and groom continued to embrace tradition by incorporating a Chinese tea ceremony. The couple invited their parents to sit at a low cocktail table while they served their them tea. The ceremony is meant to honor their parents before beginning their lives together and the bride and groom were happy to do just that.

As the bride and groom were taking their photos inside and outside of the Music Hall, guests then made their way to the foyer for the reception. They were met with a breathtaking view of tables covered in an ivory underlay with a sheer, shimmering, gold lace overlay topped with beautiful flatware and a hunter green napkin. The centerpieces were all high arrangements of red roses, red protea, and greenery on top of multiple levels of hardware giving the room a new depth in comparison to the high ceiling. They then used warm candlelight to light the room creating the perfect intimate atmosphere for their wedding.

Stephanie and Yiyu's wedding cake continued to capture aspects of the traditional Chinese culture. The cake was topped with a symbolic Chinese pendant with red and pink roses spiraling down the side.

As the reception continued after dinner, the bride made a spectacular dress change and came out in a new red wedding dress, representing the traditional Chinese wedding color. Guests were thrilled with the dress change as they danced the night away in the beautiful venue.

List of Vendors:

  • Wedding Planner: Hello Productions
  • Photographer: Joey Kennedy
  • Hair: Sherri
  • Videographer: Jeremy Scott Films
  • Florist: Donati's Floral
  • Lighting: Flip Benack
  • Cake: Culinaire
  • Entertainment: Bachelor Boys Band
  • Officiant: Dr. Rev. Adam Jackey
  • Ceremony Entertainment: Amy Stagnaugh

If you have any questions about including Chinese traditions in weddings, contact us today at Hello Productions! We are happy to help for make your special day perfect.